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English 100 Outstanding Teacher Award

English Department, UW-Madison, 2015

Department, Faculty-nominated. One recipient of this reward is chosen each year for excellence in the teaching of English 100. 


Honored Instructor

University housing academic initiatives, UW-Madison, 2015

University-wide, student-nominated. Read more about this award here



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Average Instructor Rating

99% or 3.96/4

Average Course Rating

96% or 3.84/4



selected open response


"Maggie was by far the most active, most caring and all together best teacher/leader throughout my college career. She helped our class really engage with one another, and WANT to come to class. We all saw her enthusiasm for literacy herself, and her passion was so evident. I really couldn't recommend her more, and she's going to be the absolute best, professor. Can't wait to see where she goes."

"She has given me insight of what writing is all about, Maggie caused me to like English when before this class I HATED ENGLISH. I will always remember being of student in Maggie's class. oh yeah, I got my first "A" ever in English and I graduated from high school in 1976. Thanks Maggie for teaching me I could/can do it."

"Maggie was an amazing TA. First of all, the course in itself presented an interesting idea in that literacy can be defined in multiple ways. I had not thought of literacy so in-depth before but I believe that changing my thinking about what exactly it is will help me greatly in the future as far as being more inclusive.

As for Maggie, she was so bomb. She was friendly and helpful, and I felt like myself and the other students were free to express our thoughts and opinions without judgement or criticism. She is knowledgeable about this subject area and she was very excited and enthusiastic to share it with her students which made us all more engaged. Coming in to this class, I thought it would be easy to blow off because of the grading system. However, I think it ultimately made us all want to work harder because we were actually excited and into what we were learning. I feel like I gained a lot from this class, and Maggie--youda bessstt."

"This class has literally challenged me like no previous English class I have taken before. I feel that, while it was difficult, I wasn't stressed because of the incredibly fair grading system that was in place. This class is a lot of work, but there's flexibility and a tremendously awesome teacher who coaches us through our mistakes and understands that mistakes happen and learning from them is what really matters. Ms. Hamper was a terrific teacher! I hope future UW students have as great of an experience as I, and so many others, have!"

Overall, I felt like I really improved my writing, and I actually didn't hate doing it (which doesn't happen very often). I thought that being able to pick our own topic was helpful in that regard. The instructor was extremely helpful both in and out of class. Because I am a senior, I wish I would have taken this class earlier, so that I could implement what I have learned in more of my classes. I would recommend this class to any friend.

I would highly recommend the instructor. I always disliked writing; that is, writing essays and especially writing management reports. I no longer feel that way. She brought it down to a level that made me feel less intimidated and I no longer dread writing my year-end report at work.

Maggie was great. She teaches English in a way that is easy to understand and that is easy to apply to life. I would definitely take one of her classes again!

I really enjoyed my class with Ms. Hamper. She is a great teacher and she has really helped me grow as a student.

I could tell there was a lot of planning and work put into this course. It was nice to know what was expected from me and have resources to guide me. The course was different from what I expected, but I enjoyed it! I learned a lot about literacy and writing a research paper on my own research rather than conducting a meta analysis. One thing I really liked was that I was treated like an adult. We were not given specific rubrics outlining exactly what the professor wanted from our work. At first that made me uneasy, but it gave me confidence in my writing because I found that completing these assignments based on my own knowledge from this course and previous courses, I could complete the assignment well.

I really enjoyed having Maggie as a teacher! She created an active environment which allowed students to become more familiar with the information presented. She came prepared, she was organized, and she truly cared about the success of her students. Maggie was available outside of class, and encouraged students to come in for help on anything they needed. Her enthusiasm and positivity really lit up the classroom, creating a setting that students could look forward to. From the treats she frequently brought in, to her attitude, Maggie is really just a sweet teacher!

The course was fun and enjoyable yet a great learning experience. I believe it has effected my writing greatly. My instructor was phenomenal and that is an understatement. She was not only helpful but understanding and insightful. She took our suggestions and really focused on improving our skills on an individual level (something most Madison instructors lack). I would take a class with her again if I could!

I loved this course and felt my writing improved tremendously through various assignments, including narratives and research papers. Maggie Hamper was such an inspiration to me as a professor because I could tell she really cared. She gave amazing feedback on every draft.

I absolutely love Maggie! She puts so much time into preparing for each class meeting and she truly is a great teacher. I've never had an English teacher actually write all of the papers they assign along with the students and I really appreciate that, and I hope that is very highly valued. Her enthusiasm and intelligence is through the roof.

Maggie was an excellent teacher, she really took time to design the class around the students desires. Her flexability along with her passion for writing and working with students definatley showed through in her teachings and made this one of my favorite classes to attend. Thanks so much!

She is cool and her class is fun.



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