Teacher. Researcher. Writing Program Enthusaist.




I Research the intersections of literacy, learning, and material conditions. 

I'm interested in making sure basic writing students get a chance to come to college and that they get a fair shake once they're here. More than this, though, I'm interested in where, exactly, we can draw lines between discourse difference and error, what it is about non-standard writing practices that offends us so much, the tension between honoring multiple literacies and the material value of Standard American English, and why in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, we continue to link writing style to one's virtue and intelligence.




I ask students to think like critical researchers and future professionals.  

Though the students I serve have come from different worlds, have different goals, and different experiences with writing, my courses all aim to help students use literacy to suit those unique worlds, goals, and uses for writing. Some of my courses, like English 201 at UW Madison, immerse and ask students to participate in the knowledge building work of research universities. Other courses, like basic writing at Harrington College, helped students interrogate their own literacy traditions, histories, and make conscious, critical decisions about the literacy practices of their futures. 



I support equitable, rigorous writing programs. 

As a writing program administrator, I aim to maintain equitable, rigorous writing programs that balance the needs of students, teachers, the institution and the broader community. I love writing programs that privilege students' intellectual growth; instructors' freedom to grow, experiment, and share their unique talents; equitable expectations for the labor of both instructors and students; a strong university profile; and service to the local community.